Agriculture is the backbone of rural India. We have rendered significant services for the farmer’s community. The Government project Integrated Watershed Development Programme (IWMP) has proved very effective and useful since 2009. In this comprehensive project like IWMP, since 2009, our institute has been playing an important role as PTO, LRA, PIA. Through IWMP, we worked in the drought prone tehsils as Jath, Kavathe Mahankal, Atpadi, Khanapur and Kadegaon in Sangli district and Khatav and Man tehsils in Satara district. Inviting experts in the field of agriculture we have conducted seminars, discussion and workshops on water conservation, soil conservation, water management, crop management, agro-based supplementary and allied business like-milk production, animal husbandry etc. We have organized guidance camps and study tours also. Our motto was encouraging the farmers to adopt various types’ agriculture methods of techniques   in order to improve socio-economic status of them.

Our Organization is also worked as a PIA ³ Project Implementing Agency´ in Ten villeges of Devarukh taluka in Ratnagiri district. This project is funded by Integrated Watershed Management Project ³ Central Government ´. Through this project we have constructed the CNB ³Cement Nala Band´, DNB ³Diversion Nala Band ´ , LBS ³lose Bolder structure ´etc. in each villages of  devrukh taluka. We have also distributed 56 lakes of rupees as Livelihood benefit to beneficiary among the 10 villages of deverukh   taluka.

With UNISEF, an international institution we conducted Micro Planning surveys of 15 villages in Miraj tehsil. On the base of survey report Zilla Parishad, Sangli implemented some government schemes in those villages.  We worked for Water Resource Empowerment Project in Kavathe-Mahankal taluka of Sangli district with the Government Department of Senior Geology. With Z. P. Sangli, we have carried out environment related survey of 40 villages in Atapadi tehsil under the Paryavaran Purak Gram Samrudhi Yoyana. With ‘Arati’ institute we started Biodiversity Biogas Projects in different villages and participated in the campaign of Human Resource Center of Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli and Samadhan Chul were made available the people in economical rate.